• January 25, 2023

Black Cat Theater Amsterdam

Black Cat Theater Amsterdam-Theater for the little ones

The theater is always fun. Not only for adults, but also for children. In Amsterdam there will be a theater for the little ones.

Because in February Black Cat Theater will open its doors and today a taste of what is coming.

Out with children

With children you can go to many places, think of the cinema or the circus. But amusement parks can also be visited from a young age. You can also go to the theater. The performances that I do see are often from kindergarten age and that will change Black Cat Theater in Amsterdam now and you can read that here in the press release I received:

Black Cat Theater in Amsterdam

Black Cat Theater, was founded in 2011 in Warsaw (Poland) by Agnieszka Czekierda and produces performances for children from 8 months to 5 years. More than 6,000 performances have been played in the last 8 years. That were visited by more than 300.000 children and their parents/guardians.

In addition to those three locations in Warsaw, Black Cat Theater will open a location in Amsterdam at the end of February 2019. Currently, a foyer with playroom and a small room (60 seats) are created in the building at Schakelstraat 2 (Amsterdam West). For the introduction of Black Cat Theater in the Netherlands, three existing performances are first rehearsed and presented by the Dutch Ensemble.

Then new performances are made under the direction of Agnieszka Czijkida.

Daily life is the inspiration for the various multidisciplinary performances in which (live) music always plays an important role. Through images, music, light, rhythm, dance, movement, atmosphere, gestures and mime, the imagination of the audience is called upon.


A child is a partner and a full spectator of – and participant in art and culture. We believe that the youngest children have the right to explore the world of art and culture and that their participation in the artistic process, if performed in a good responsible manner, has an enormous meaning for the harmonious development of the child, the sensitivity , the emotional intelligence and the competencies.

How do we do that?

We make multidisciplinary performances with a lot of attention to image, music, light, rhythm, dance, movement, atmosphere, gestures and mime. The themes of the performances are inspired by daily life, from the fascination of a two -year -old. We want to show the children the most beautiful world: that of their own imagination.

A brief introduction of the first three performances on the program in Amsterdam

The Rainbow (1 to 4 years): An invitation to play with water and colors. Listen to the sounds and objects and how they talk to each other and tell their stories … this almost wordless performance consists of images, music, rhythm and gestures. Are part of a new reality, other than the daily.

Four seasons (1 to 5 years): a poetic performance about extraordinary and magical things that take place in nature, during the seasons. Dance, images and live music, form an introduction to the rhythm of nature for the toddlers, how they change, how many colors and shadows they have and how beautiful she can be.

Ahoi (1 to 5 years): go to the sea? We build a ship or a boat, hoist the sails and make a long journey with an unknown destination. The wind blows us in the right direction? Let’s discover new countries and feel the salty water of the waves. Maybe we discover funny beings along the way; fishing, seahorses, jellyfish or scratching.

Go to the sea with us!