• January 24, 2023

With this gift package you can arrive this Father’s Day

With this gift package you can arrive this Father’s Day

June 17th is Father’s Day. The youngest will do some crafts at school. With the eldest they no longer do this in the group.

Still, besides a craft he makes at home, he wanted to give something extra’s to his father. Because we recently spent a week in Paris, we have plenty of nice pictures’s of this time. So we decided to go for a personalized Father’s Day gift and found a very nice gift package at prachtigkado.en.

Father’s Day

When my sister and I were off crafting, we always bought something for my dad for Father’s Day. He always said Father’s Day was nonsense, but of course was always happy, even if we only arrived with something small. How different are father’s and mother’s days when you have children of your own.

At our house it is now a day full of crafts, socializing and making our own traditions with the family.

Making and buying gifts

The youngest crafts something for his father at school. In group 6, where the oldest is in, they do not do this anymore. He still draws a card himself at home, but also likes being able to give something to his dad on Father’s Day.

But what do you give your father. Then I was approached by Prachtigkado.en. The oldest and I saw a gift package of a mug with a key ring on which you could put your own photo. This is really something for their father, who loves coffee.

A wonderful gift.

Picking photos

A few weeks ago we were in Paris and here we made many nice pictures. Also from the boys. The oldest and I picked out photos’s that we would like on the mug and keychain.

On the back of both the mug and the key ring is an opportunity to have text added. We decided to go for the standard text -as indicated with the pictures’s- ‘Daddy you are the best’ to go for the standard text.


The package arrived within two days. The mug, but also the keychain look very nice. The colors exactly match the original pictures.

I’m sure we’re going to surprise the husband with these. Because what he will find this cool.

There’s much more

Now this gift pack is not the only gift you can give your father this Father’s Day gift. At Prachtigkado.en you will find a lot of Father’s Day gifts. Also for occasions like graduation, maternity gift, or farewell gift you can find here.

Father’s Day tip

This gift package with a mug and key ring costs € 19,95. The package is already nicely wrapped. The mug with photo alone is now on sale for € 5,90.

But also for a father’s day bbq package, pillowcase or beer opener you are on the right site here.

Do you already have an idea what you will give your father (or the children to their father)?

For this article I received products to review/ Disclaimer