• January 19, 2023

Car and technique

Car and technique. Also good for women to learn about

Even if you are a girl-girl. I love make-up, high heels and sweet colors. You can certainly be interested in your car and technology.

Even though I chose healthcare, I have always had a keen interest in technology, cars’s and everything to do with this.

Car repair crash course

Twenty-seven I was when I went traveling with my sister for six months across America. We bought a car online, in the New York area, with the idea of selling it back to the same company after those six months. My father didn’t like it, his daughters, a car and technology.

Before we left he gave us a quick crash course in car checking and repairing. He taught us to check the oil, keep the tires inflated and a little of what he could tell us. Those six months went well, of course things broke down sometimes, and while my sister flirted with the truck drivers I looked very interesting under the hood. My sister was more successful every time.

The phone of the driver of the truck that stopped, we needed more than my technical insight.

Interest in cars and technology

Still, I’ve always kept my interest in a car and engineering. Of course my car gets its MOT every year, but when I can replace or refill something myself, I like it and it saves money. I also check my car regularly and recently came across the site of Auto-parts Expert.nl. The best thing about the site is that when you enter the license plate number of your car, you immediately find all the parts of your car.

So you don&#8217t have to search through endless pages to get to your car or part.

How do I do it

It was fantastic when I came across a video and saw exactly how to replace a spark plug step by step:

I love watching this, but not a hair on my head that I’m going to do it myself. I like the small maintenance regarding my car and technique. For the big one I still rely on the garage.

Do you ever repair something on your car yourself? Or will you leave this to the garage?