• January 11, 2023

Trendy Snuffle Bags for the Cat

Trendy Snuffle Bags for the Cat

Since March we have a cat in the house. Recently I got to know Sylvia. She’s a cat sitter. And she cares about her (babysitting) cats so much that she designed a stuffed bag and now sells it in her own webshop Hip Snuffle Bags.

Snuffle bags your cat is guaranteed to love.

Like a cap

Choosing a pet is not an easy decision to make. Besides your own home situation it is also wise to consider where your pet can go while you are away. Or who can look after your pet.

We have a cat sitter where our cat goes, we are away for a few days.

Cats love to play

Besides sleeping a lot, a cat naturally loves to play. Our house is full of fabric mice and balls, but of course he always wants more. Recently I saw a call from Sylvia.

She is a cat sitter in Zwanenburg. She thinks it is very important to do the babysitting period according to the wishes of the owner and the cat. She also really likes to surprise her babysitting cats. A few times she had sniffing bags (play bags for cats containing catnip or valerian) made for her foster cats.

This turned out to be a great success! This is how her own line of Hip Snuffle Bags came into being.

Trendy bags

I received two of these snuffle bags and the moment I gave them to the cat was magical. He really started cuddling with it at first. He wrapped his paws around it and didn’t let go. Then he bit into it and played with it.

He held them as if they were something very precious and was clearly delighted. The bags are very sturdy, biting does not affect the packaging.

Trendy sniffer bags cats

After playing, put the Hip sniffing bags (when dry again) back into the resealable case. After a few days you offer the snuff bags again. This way the sniffing bags stay good longer and they also remain interesting for cats.

Our cat has been playing with the sniffing bags for a few weeks now and remains incredibly enthusiastic about them. It’s nice to see, how he is really cuddling with it.

3 advantages to giving your cat a hip snuffle bag:

1. Cat is happy about it
2. Cat becomes active
3. Cat goes to sleep after playing.

You buy these snuffle bags per two for €9.95 on the site of HippeSnuffeluffels. There are also special birthday snuff bags for €13.95

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Do you have pets and do you spoil them with something extra’s every now and then??