• January 9, 2023

A sustainable home is an affordable home

A sustainable home is an affordable home

a sustainable home is also an affordable home, because although the costs have to be incurred now, you will definitely find that you will pay less energy costs in the future. But what can you do to make your home sustainable? You can read it here.

A sustainable home

Thinking about the environment, separating waste, we all want to do it comfortably. Many are already working on this. But did you know that maybe your home can also become more sustainable.

This is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet. What exactly is a sustainable home? You speak of a sustainable home when your home has a positive effect on the environment.

This could be by properly insulating your home, which means you will have to heat less and therefore emit fewer pollutants.

How can you make your home a sustainable home??

There are a few things you can look at if you want to make your home a sustainable home. Perhaps the easiest solutions are floor insulation, double glazing and wall insulation.

Have floor insulation installed

Many old houses have no floor insulation, now houses lose heat through the floors. This is why floor insulation is so important. If you want to insulate your floor, you can choose from different ways of insulation and of course you have to look at the price of the floor insulation.

What to choose for floor insulation

With floor insulation, you can think about:

  • insulation under an existing floor
  • Insulation with slab insulation
  • insulating the crawl space

Experiences with crawl space insulation

Because we live in a peat area, we chose to insulate the crawl space. It used to be very wet and damp in the crawl space, you could feel the cold coming through the floor and when you had to go under the floor (there are pipes here) you did not get very happy. We also had problems with flies around the crawl space hatch.

Now a couple of years ago We had our floor insulated by putting spheres in the crawl space. The Advantage of these Balls is, that you can still Easily Get Into The Crawl Space, The Crawl Space is not Wet Or Damp and also the Flies Are Gone. The Floor Feels Warmer and We also Notice It In The Energy Bill.

But Floor Insulation Alone is not Enough.

Double Glazing

The Next Thing You Can Make Your Home Sustainable Is Double Glazing. Make Sure This Applies All Around the House, Not Just Downstairs In The Living Room. But also in the bedrooms, eSpeciate those of the children, where the stove is on more often because they play or do their homework. And then also think about that room that you may not have visited much before but is used so much because of working from home. Double glazing consists of at least two panes of glass that are connected together airtight at a certain distance, so that there is an insulating space between them.

Double glazing is not only heat insulating but also sound insulating.

Cavity wall insulation

Having a wall insulated can also help towards a sustainable home, lower energy bills and a pleasant living environment. Cavity wall insulation is insulating the space between the exterior and interior walls of a home. Insulation material is placed between these two walls.

What keeps the heat inside.

What else can you do to make your home sustainable

These are three examples of how you can add sustainability to your home, but you can do much more. And what I started with, these costs you make now, but you will see that your energy bill goes to low. Think about sustainable living.

  • You can insulate the roof if you have a pitched roof in the attic.
  • solar panels
  • Look for a heat pump
  • Take a solar water heater

Awareness of the environment

I myself am very concerned with the environment. I like to buy sustainable products and I must say that when you start looking into this, so many products can be much more sustainable. As an example I would like to mention the bathroom, where I no longer use plastic bottles, disposable razors or cotton wool, but have replaced these with sustainable products such as a shampoo bar, safety razor and washable cotton pads. But I also take my own bags with me when I go shopping.

It’s so easy, you just have to do it and that includes your home.

There’s always a choice

Adding sustainability to your home is not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet and we have noticed that since we have insulated the entire attic in addition to floor insulation and double glazing. The energy bill has gone down and the temperature in the house is always comfortable. And I certainly do not want to say that we are done, because I am certainly open to more sustainability in and around the house.

My tip is to definitely look into this and see what you can do in terms of sustainability at home.