• December 29, 2022

Column-My guilty pleasures

Column-My guilty pleasures

We may not always be brave enough to admit it, but we all have a guilty pleasure. Guilty pleasures are things you shouldn’t do or that people might not expect you to do. Can you name a few?

Having Guilty pleasures

From sneaking a handful of chips when you tell your kids to grab some fruit to shedding tears every time you watch a romantic movie, we all have a guilty pleasure (or more), things that maybe you shouldn’t do or something that you really like, but that others probably don’t think suits you at all. Actually it’s weird, but we don’t talk about our guilty pleasures very often.

A secret pleasure

Are you honest about your secret pleasures? We all have them, but telling that I’m a big fan of Love Actually I don’t tell anyone. Strange anyway, because there will really be many more who, like me, can talk along with every sentence of this film.

Music choice or men

What guilty pleasures do you come across? Often a guilty pleasure in music choice or men. But also in food you often hear that people have something that they secretly eat, that nobody knows about.

I don’t get around to it anymore

How I got to this topic? Well, it’s quite simple, because now that my husband and children are at home I don’t get around to my guilty pleasures. I miss my daily soap opera.

Really, normally I often watch back the episode of Neighbours in the morning, with a cup of coffee.

I started watching this series when I was backpacking in Australia for a year (twenty-three years ago) and have always, with the occasional season not watched. But never with my family. Always alone.

And now that everyone is home, so I haven’t watched an episode for over ten weeks.

Am I sometimes ashamed?

And why not? I’m ashamed of them? Can’t the rest of the family watch along?

I don’t know. It’s a series that I watch alone and I think it’s weird to sit on the couch for twenty minutes when everyone else is at home doing nothing.

More guilty pleasures in a row

But I have more guilty pleasures or maybe just weird things you didn’t already know about me: