• December 23, 2022

Which comforter cover suits you

Which comforter cover suits you

What kind of comforter cover do you have? And do you ever buy something different or do you stay faithful to what is on your bed now?? It is different for each person what they sleep well under, but which materials are there actually all?

Which comforter cover to choose?

What bedding you choose is of course entirely up to you, often you have your own preference. For example, this can be cotton, microfiber or satin. But what fabrics are there actually and what are differences? Today I will discuss a few of them, because of course there are many other fabrics available in comforter covers.

I think these are kind of the common ones.


Let’s start with cotton, because dis is perhaps the best known fabric when you think of a comforter cover. Logical because cotton is strong and durable. Under a cotton comforter cover you lie comfortably in any season and your bedding is easy to maintain.

The colors can fade after washing and the fabric is wrinkle sensitive.

Cotton Percale

The next one is percale cotton, this is a special woven fabric, made of cotton yarns which makes the fabric feel smooth and fine. Percale cotton is high quality and feels cool on the skin. It looks nice on the bed and gives a luxurious look.

It is more expensive than an ordinary cotton comforter cover.


Polycotton is actually mixed cotton, it is supple in texture, colorfast and iron-free. The disadvantage of polycotton is that not everyone can stand it. Sometimes people find it too sweaty.


Flannel might make you think of nice warm pajamas but you can also choose flannel in comforter covers. Flannel comforter covers are soft, comfortable and warm. If you are shivery, then a flannel comforter cover is nice and comfortable in the winter months.

But if you are just hot-blooded, flannel can quickly be too warm ’at night.


Also with satin you can first think of a nice nightgown, but you can also choose satin comforter covers. These covers are wrinkle free and feel cool and soft. You may have to get used to sleeping under it because it can be a bit slippery.

A satin comforter cover looks very chic in the bedroom.

Do you go for plain or color?

Depending on your taste and bedroom you can opt for a lot of color in your comforter cover or for plain. Of course, it’s just what you like, but also what looks nice in your bedroom.

A good night’s sleep

A good night’s sleep is so important. And the choice of comforter cover can certainly contribute to this. If you are cold but your partner is easily warm, it is not at all strange to buy two different comforters and lie under your own comforter.