• December 12, 2022

Bamboo vs cotton these are the pros and cons

Bamboo vs cotton: these are the pros and cons

For decades, cotton has been the fabric from which our clothes are made. However, for quite some time, worthy alternatives have been sought. Most of the fabrics are discarded because they do not have the good qualities of cotton. So is bamboo?

And what are actually the pros and cons of bamboo and cotton?

What is bamboo fabric?

Bamboo does not sound like a nice soft fabric. It certainly is! Bamboo fabric is made from bamboo plants. Bamboo is grown on plantations. It grows extremely fast (some types of bamboo grow almost 1 meter per day).

The long bamboo shoots are harvested and processed. The bamboo is bathed in special substances that make the tough fibers fall apart. These fibers are crushed, dried and a lovely soft, firm fabric is woven from them.

Bamigo has been a specialist in this for years.

What is cotton?

Cotton you know, because it is used an awful lot. Probably a lot of the clothes you are currently wearing are (partly) made of cotton. Cotton is a strong fabric made from cotton wool.

Cotton plants are put on large plantations. These bushes need an awful lot of water, but virtually no maintenance. Over time, there will be tufts of “wool” on the plant, which are actually meant to disperse the seeds.

Instead, this cotton is picked and used to make soft but strong fabric.

Bamboo vs cotton

Bamboo is really on the rise. Currently you can find mostly underwear made of bamboo fabric, but more and more other clothing is becoming available as well. Why is bamboo actually good?

And is it better than cotton?

Bamboo Cotton
Bamboo grows on poor soil and hardly needs any water Cotton also grows on slightly enriched soil and actually needs a lot of water
Bamboo grows quickly and is ready for harvest within a few weeks Cotton grows slowly and usually gives an annual harvest
Bamboo actually grows again indefinitely after harvesting Cotton plants should be replaced regularly
Bamboo needs chemical processing before you have soft bamboo fibers Cotton is easy to process into fiber after picking
Bamboo clothing absorbs a lot of moisture (good for sweating) Cotton fabric absorbs relatively less moisture

Bamboo and cotton both have their advantages and disadvantages. What is clear is that bamboo is a lot more sustainable for the soil during the growing process. A lot of bamboo can be grown very easily on a limited amount of land and with little nutrients and water. One disadvantage of bamboo is that the processing is a bit more complicated than that of cotton. Yet bamboo is a fabric that definitely has the future.

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