• December 5, 2022

Typical boy things every boy mom recognizes

Typical boy things every boy mom recognizes

By Joyce – At home I really have a boy-boy (is there such a word?) and a girl girl. I find it so incredibly funny to see, but also sometimes a tad irritating. Because pfoe, those boy things: it's something else! Why do those pants always break??

5x typical boy things every boy mom recognizes

Pants with holes

If I wanted to I could buy new pants every week. New pants are broken after wearing them twice. I have wondered very briefly if there might be a little monster in his closet that eats bits of pants. Every pant has holes at the height of his knees. And speaking to other mom's of boys, I am not the only one.

Frolic and another frolic

Some boys have it more than others, but they always have to frolic. Just Sitting Together. Just push and pull. I see it outside when he plays with friends, but I also see it in my classroom. Wherever they are, they need to get rid of those jitters. Are you going to hold it back then those jitters will only get worse. And you know what happens to bottled-up jitters, right??

Lego everywhere

Speaking of boy things: every boy has something from lego. So does mine. A big box full of them, a lego police station on his closet and several lego cars’s throughout the house. Lego is everywhere and I'm afraid his collection is not yet complete. On his list for St. Nicholas is mostly lego and Playmobil. Secretly I like it. I love putting together the boxes I just bought. Lovely. The less nice thing about this collection is that sometimes something gets left behind somewhere. And if you are standing on them. I don't have to explain it to you.

Watch out or I'm shoot

I saw it with my Toddler and I also notice it with the boys in my grade 7 class. Boys Love to Shoot. It Starts Young With A Shooting Hand. Finger Forward and Thumb Up. After that they start playing crook and police, and then get to work with nerf guns. Once Grown Up That Love For Guns Still Hasn't Gone Away. Boys Shoot Each Other Only to Just Get Up And Play Again. Go Against it or Go With It. In Any Case, I know which Option will give you the most pleasure.

Hello, Clutter

I Used to Notice, Boys Are Not Good At Cleaning Up. You can walk through All That Junk Just Fine? I see it all around me. Boys Are Incredible Good at Making Messes, But Don't Like Cleaning Up So Much. In My Classroom, The Difference is also obvious. Just Pull Out a drower. I can tell you in an instant if it belongs to a girl or a boy. And not just by the color in them. haha. Most Boys' Roman Are One Big Mess, Unless Mom Came By Or You Said Something About It. Let your boys have their way then you can expect a pigsty.

I'm very curious if the moms of boys recognize these typical boy things. Are there any things that should definitely be on this list? I'm curious!

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