• November 25, 2022

What I should be ashamed

Things I Should Really Be Ashaged Of

Very bad, but there are some things i shouldlle really be ashaged or. Those Little Things That Have Become A Habit. Or Things I Forbid My Little Man But Then Do Myelf. I should be ashamed of these and secretly I am But I Confess Them Anyway.

5x what I should be ashamed or

  • My Little Man is Allowed A Sweet Once A Day. Sometimes He doessn'tsn't ask about it for days and then sauddenly he has a huge craving for sweets. Whenever he needs some. I never give in, but when my Toddler isn't Looking I Reach Into the Candy Drawer Myelf.
  • I Love Driving My Car Through Puddles. ESpeciate Those Deep Puddles That Splash All Over Your Car. The most fun I have is when I find a good deep puddle and someone is just cycling next to it…. I know, too bad for words and I would be furious if someone did that to me.Fortunately, that little devil usually falls off my shoulder just in time and I ride around it anyway. Usually….
  • Another's thing with the car. I have a lot of trouble keeping to the speed limit on the highway. Around The Hague and Rotterdam there are stretches of freeway where you can only go 100km/h. I understand the need when it is busy during rush hour but not when I am out and about at a quiet time. Worst of all, I'm also making sure I'm not speeding. This means that I always keep an eye out to make sure I don't lose my driver's license should I be stopped. I also constantly check my mirrors to see if I'm not being ‘followed’ followed. So guilt-conscious.. Shame…
  • I never iron! I've had a brand new ironing board for years. It looks nice in the attic and that's all it does. Folded up it's getting dusty in a corner of the attic. My Iron is in a cupboard in the pantry. Sometimes It Comes out when I want to wear a blouse that has three hundred wrinkles in it. I Am Too Sick To Walk To The Attic So I Put A Tower On My Counter Top And Iron My Blouse On It. Not Useful at All, I know. I'm Just a Master of Tight and Wrinkle-Free Washing, Drying and Folding.
  • I am the type Who Leaves The Empty Roll of Toilet Paper Hanging. Annoyance Number 1 in Most Families and I Just Do It Myelf. And I make it even worse. I pick up a new roll but then it on the fountain. It would take take just one extra second to throw away the empty roll and put the full one on, but I just don't do it. Or no, wait! I Do It When I Have Visitors. Then I find it so l*lig for my guests, but for my own roommates i don't do it so. Shame On Me!

Now That I Have Confessed This I Will Try To Improve My Life. 😉

What things do you do that you should be ashamed of?? Do You Dare Confess It?

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