• November 15, 2022

Original Walls for the Kids’ Room

5x Original Walls for the Nursery

The Trend of Sayings and Texts on the Wall is a bit fits. Also the murals you see less and less ofes in the nursery. But what if you want something different? Something Really Original That Gives The Kids Room A Great Look All At Once? I found something for that.

5x Original Walls

A Lick of Paint Can Quickly Transform A Child’s Room Into A Palace. A cool poster on the wall or painting and you’re basically done. But how nice is it if you can do things differently? Not the usual pot of paint on the wall or that sweet little wallpaper but a very cool graffiti for example. I Can Hear You Thinking; I Still Need to get a Mural Made? Or hire some who is handy with spray cans? No, or course not. You can also Choose Photo Wallpaper, WHAT COMES IN ALL SHAPES AND SIZES This Days. I’ll show you a few favorites;

Here you see so ’ n cool graffiti on photo wallpaper. Suitable For Any Smooth Wall In Your Home and Course Extra Cool In A Boys Room. My Oldest Already Started Smiling Sweetly If He Could Have Thesis in His Room.

Of course you can also Choose Photo Wallpaper with Stones. A Robust Wall with Shadows in The Boys’ Room;


Or just a more romantic and quiet image for the girls’ room;

5x Original Walls for the Nursery

Don’t like photo wallpaper or prefer something some less violent on the wall? Then of Course You Can also Choose A Beautiful Wall Decal. Here too you have a huge choice. Choose For Example A Wall Sticker with Cactuses on It. Perfect for the baby room or for a cozy nursery. You can Choose to stick some Cactuses here and there on the wall or just stick a big wall sticker on a panel.

5x Original Walls for the Nursery

The Monochrome Trend is also Still Very Hip. Perfect for the teen room or children’s room is this black wall sticker or a cat.

5x Original Walls for the Nursery

Do You Like Original Walls Or Do You Prefer Plain Colors??


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